For Lutherans, as with most Christians, baptism is once-in-a-lifetime event that takes a lifetime to unpack and live out.  In baptism we are joined to the death and resurrection of Jesus, so this sacrament marks both a beginning and a promised ending.  Baptism is initiation into the Christian community and the Church universal.  It begins of a way of living as God’s people now, and it attaches us to the promise of life with God forever.  Baptism marks a new birth through water and the Holy Spirit, a cleansing from sin, and it conveys the gift of God’s Holy Spirit.  A person of any age can be baptized, from the newest infant to the oldest centenarian plus, because God is the chief actor, making promises that can be trusted.

As Gospel people, we of Trinity take great joy in making God’s graciousness, mercy, and love known and lived.  If you or a member of your family would like to be baptized, please contact Pastor Jeff Gaustad at (253) 537-0201 extension 103 or by email  or Pastor Jonette Blakney at (253) 537-0201 extension 104 or by email by email .