Trinity Cemetery

Address: 13600 – 8th Avenue East, Tacoma, Washington 98445

Ownership: Trinity Lutheran Church

Driving Directions:

  • South on Pacific Avenue to 138th Street
  • East on 138th Street to 8th Avenue
  • North on 8th Avenue for 2 blocks

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To get directions via google maps, input your starting point HERE

 Cemetery Endowment Fund Information:

  • Established in 1989 for perpetual care of the cemetery
  • $84,695 (as of 04/26/2012)
  • All plot sales are added to the principal
  • Distributions taken as needed for maintenance.

Recent Improvements:

  • Irrigation system installed: Summer, 1996
  • Professional lawn care throughout summer.


CEMETERY PRICING (as of May 1, 2010)  

Casket Burial Grave:

Member Price    Non-Members

$ 450                   $ 700

Other fees: Grave marker within 9 months


Cremation Urn Burial Grave:

Member Price    Non-Members

$ 200                   $ 250

Other fees/costs include site opening and prep.

Other fees: Grave marker within 9 months


We have up dated the web site “” of all data (June 2013) and picture that we have in our Cemetery. Here is the link:


The US GEN WEB Archives has a website where all the “Interred with Monument” are listed in alphabetical order with name, dates, and what is written on the monument.     (10/31/1999)


The same type of data can be found for Parkland Lutheran Cemetery


Other services that may be provided, on a case by case basis, when we are able:

  • Help with genealogy searches
  • Help with location of site of an ancestor in our cemetery.
  • Help with contacting the vault company for graveside services.


Cemetery Committee

For more information, please contact one of the following:

  •   Cheryl Mays Comen, Church Steward –business office (253-537-0201 ext. 112)


A Place of Eternal Rest

Trinity’s cemetery is cared for by a team of volunteers, some helping minimally with spring clean-up days and the annual Memorial Day Service.  A few others take on much more responsibility.  One co-manager has seen to the accuracy of the records, updating genealogy websites, working with the mortuaries and monument companies to locate and mark graves for services and burials, as well as being available for requests from people who visit our cemetery for various personal reasons.  The other co-manager helps with openings, set-up for services as well as overseeing the landscaping and maintenance needs of the property.