LWR Kits and Quilts

In order to efficiently and effectively provide emergency relief, we are prepared before the hazard occurs. Here at Trinity, we tap into donated goods to support others in their time of need. Kits are assembled to reach out to families in need around the world.

Personal Care Kits
Each kit contains simple items, like soap, a towel, a toothbrush. But for families coping with war, poverty and disaster, these items mean the opportunity to stay healthy and build better futures.

School Kits
Students who attend school in impoverished and high-risk districts receive School Kits, ensuring that these children have the best possible chance of staying in school and breaking out of the crippling cycle of poverty.

Baby Care Kits
These kits help improve the living conditions of lactating women and mothers with children under two and encourage pregnant mothers to seek prenatal care.

Fabric Kits
You’ve maybe heard the analogy about teaching someone to fish… well you can help teach a person to sew and provide the tools to earn an income and break out of poverty. Project Promise Fabric Kits are used in vocational training programs to teach young men and women useful, marketable skills.

Your gifts of time and resources toward making LWR Kits are expressions of God’s love and grace to those in greatest need. If you would like to make a donation, please review LWR Content Kits. Don’t have time to shop? Feel free to make a monetary donation, and we’ll shop for you!