Sunday Worship at 9:00 A.M.

What are those things you know “by heart”?  The faces of your family, the voice of your beloved, the layout of your home (can you navigate your house in the dark?), poems, songs, hymns, movies?  There are so many things we say we know “by heart”—and we do by heart.   Worship is (or can be) one of those things, and that’s the design of this 9 am worship service.  Much of what we say and do in this worship we know (or come to know) by heart: the responses (“…and also with you, …thanks be to God, … hear our prayer, …Amen) and the Lord’s Prayer.  Other things we’re learning to know by heart—the stories of the Bible, for example.  When we know by heart (that is, deep at the core of our being) these stories of God’s love, care, concern, and desires for all of God’s creation, including all people, our lives take on a certain shape.  Our hearts are transformed by God’s heart.

This worship has a family feel- a sense of casualness, where the music is singable, the hospitality is genuine, all are welcome, and all are invited to bring and be themselves.  There’s no need to be anything but who we are- people on a way, children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ, people who are forgiven and forgiving, transformed and transforming, loved and loving…

Christ’s presence is made known in many ways, including Holy Communion, which is always a part of this worship.

You’ll find there’s a place for you!